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Share Market Summary of the Week , like SGX Market & KLSE Market .

  • STI closes 0.8% higher at 2,827.45 .

Singapore stocks shut higher on Friday, the principal pick up in five days taking after overnight quality on Wall Street and financial specialists exploit the late decrease.

As at 5.04pm, the benchmark Straits Times Index (STI) was up 0.8% or 21.93 focuses to 2,827.45. Around 1 billion shares esteemed at $938.1 million were exchanged. Gainers dwarfed failures 191 to 169.

  • Swiber updates claims received .

Swiber Holdings’ break legal chiefs said on Friday that the gathering has gotten an aggregate entirety of US$231.4 million ($315.6 million) in cases as of Sept 15.

They included that the gathering is as of now looking for legitimate exhortation on the cases.

Exchanging of Swiber’s shares stays suspended.

  • Singapore’s August exports stays flat on weak overseas demand .

Singapore’s exports in August stalled as overseas demand remains anaemic, numbers from trade promotion agency International Enterprise (IE) Singapore showed on Friday.

On a year-on-year basis, non-oil domestic exports (NODX) registered zero percent growth in the month compared to the 10.6% contraction in the previous month, as the 2.7% increase in non-electronic NODX outweighed the 6% decline in electronic NODX.

  • Most Asian markets sink again, led by Tokyo .

Most Asian markets fell again Thursday, drove by a more than one percent misfortune in Tokyo, in front of key strategy gatherings in the United States and Japan one week from now.

Brokers worldwide are concentrating on the national bank social events, trusting they will clear up some instability about fiscal strategy in two of the world’s greatest economies.

Value markets have been hit by instability the previous week after two Federal Reserve authorities proposed US obtaining rates could ascend in September, before another partner on Monday encouraged alert in front of any fixing.

The absence of clear direction has kept speculators anxious, prompting offering.

  • Kuok seeking buyer for cinema chain in deal that may hit US$500m .

Very rich person Robert Kuok is looking for a purchaser for Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn (GSC), Malaysia’s biggest motion picture theater chain, in an arrangement that could get as much as US$500 million (RM2 billion), said individuals with information of the matter.

PPB Group Bhd, a recorded organization here controlled by the head honcho, has gotten first-round offers for the silver screen business, as indicated by one of the general population.

The potential offer of Golden Screen Cinemas, which has 345 computerized screens in Malaysia and Vietnam, comes as Asian film exhibitors have been growing outside their home markets.

Organizations in the district have declared US$16.1 billion of amusement acquisitions in the previous year, as indicated by information assembled by Bloomberg.

  • ARA said to clinch deal to purchase Capital Square office tower stake .

ARA Asset Management has won the offer for a stake in Capital Square office tower in Singapore’s focal business locale, as indicated by individuals acquainted with the matter.

ARA, which is recorded in Singapore, is purchasing the half stake in the building that was placed available to be purchased last year by Alpha Investment Partners, said the general population, who requested that not be recognized in light of the fact that the procedure is private.

  • DBS, CIMB join chorus of approval for GLP’s US$1.1bil acquisition .

DBS Group Research and CIMB are keeping their “purchase” and “include” proposals Global Logistic Properties (GLP) at target costs of $2.47 and $2.73 separately.

The current logistics offices supplier - which claims US$38 billion ($52 billion) of modern structures universally - on Tuesday reported its goal to secure its third US-based portfolio from land organization and property engineer, Hillwood Development Company LLC, for an aggregate of US$1.1 billion.

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SGX Hot Share Market Update of the Day

  • Singapore central bank says trade woes spell more uncertainty for global economy .

Growth in international trade is lagging global income for the first time in decades, spelling more uncertainty for the world economy, Singapore’s central bank chief Ravi Menon said on Thursday.

  • HMI gaining a steady pulse in the medical tourism sector.

KGI Fraser is starting scope on private medicinal services administrator Health Management International (HMI) with a “purchase” call at an objective cost of 60 pennies.

Beside a human services preparing organization situated in Singapore, HMI possesses and works two tertiary healing facilities in Malaysia with a 61% and 49% particular stake in Regency Specialist Hospital (RSH) in Johor and Mahkota Medical Center (MMC) in Malacca.

  • Joyful Frog Digital Incubator shutters accelerator programme.

ingapore’s first start-up accelerator, Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI), has shuttered its accelerator programme for good according to a blog post by co-founder Hugh Mason.

  • Jasper Investments announces new appointment and collaboration in China .

Jasper Investments declared its arrangement as an undertaking chief for an infrastructural venture in Sanya, Hainan island.

  • Singapore high-rise office rents decline by 7% as demand slows .

Singapore proprietors are paying the punishment for a moderating economy. Alone among the world’s significant urban areas, the expense of leasing an office with all encompassing perspectives is falling as supply overwhelms request.

Yearly leases on the upper floors of Singapore’s high rises fell 7% to about US$775 ($1,056) a square meter in the initial six months, as indicated by a 23-city list assembled by Knight Frank LLP. The greatest increment was in Shanghai, where rents climbed 7.6% to US$774. In Hong Kong, the most costly market, rents ascended by 5.9% to US$2,996 a square meter, the intermediary said.

  • Commodity trader Olam hunts bolder deals after US$2 bil spree .

Olam International, one of the world’s biggest sustenance items brokers, is focusing on more acquisitions one year from now after a US$2 billion ($2.7 billion) spree since late 2014 including bargains in cocoa, peanuts and wheat.

“We have enough dry powder to execute both our natural and inorganic development system,” Chief Executive Officer Sunny Verghese said in a meeting in Singapore.

Hot Stocks for Intra & Contra Day Trader in SGX Market :

  • Kitchen Culture
  • New Silkroutes
  • Olam
  • Singtel
  • Secura
  • Roxy-Pacific

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Equity recommendations for Stock investment in Singapore Market

Online service providers make it an easy way to trade stocks in a week through internet and a bank account. Anyone with internet connection and a trading account can trade stock easily. It is a great ease of access as it encourages people towards investing for themselves, instead of relying totally on mutual funds or managers. But, there are a few common mistakes that first time traders ought to be aware before they are trying picking stocks for stock investment. In these blog we have mentioned those mistakes to avoid with equity recommendations to gain profit in Singapore market.

  • Buy low and sell high:-

The fundamentals of investing are pretty easy in idea – sell high and buy low. But you have to recognize what is ‘high’ and what is ‘low’ mean. In any transaction, whatever is ‘high’ to the seller is considered as ‘low’ to the buyer, so you can analyze how exceptional conclusions can be resulted from the equal information. Due to the relative nature of the market, before jumping in the market it is important to study up a bit. And for that you must have knowledge about the price-earnings ratio (P/E), book value, dividend yield, and so on. All this are very necessary for stock investment Singapore. You have to understand how they’re calculated, in which their main weaknesses lie, and where those metrics have commonly been for a inventory and its industry over the years.

Using virtual money in a stock simulator is always good to start out, while learning. You will find that it’s little complex market but learning and testing with demo account can lead you to the next level.

  • Penny Stocks and Fads:-

First time, penny stocks appear like an outstanding idea. Anyone can get lot more shares in a penny stock with little amount of $100 than a blue chip with a cost $50. If a penny stock goes up by a dollar then you have a lot more upside.

Penny shares provide in role size and capacity profitability has to measure towards the volatility that they face. Penny shares are penny stocks for a purpose – they’re poor first-rate groups that, more regularly than no longer, will now not workout profitability. Losing $.50 on a penny stock ought to imply a 100% loss. Penny stocks are vulnerable to illiquidity and manipulation. Getting stable facts on penny stocks also can be tough, making them a bad preference for an investor who’s still learning. You’d probably prefer to own a quality stock for a long time than trying to make a quick buck on a low-quality company for Equity investment Singapore.

  • Going with one investment:-

Making a share investment Singapore 100% of your capital in a specific investment is normally not a good move. Any organization, even the excellent ones, could have troubles and see their shares decline dramatically. You have a lot more upside by means of determining to throw diversification to the wind, but you furthermore may have loads extra chance. In particular as a primary-time investor, it’s good to shop for at the least a handful of stocks for stock investment. This manner, the lessons learned alongside the way are less expensive, but nonetheless valuable.

  • Leveraging Up:-

Leveraging your money with the aid of using a margin approach which you borrow money to buy more stock than your own cash by itself can afford. The use of leverage magnifies both the gains and the losses on a given investment.

Take this case – you’ve got $100 and borrow $50 to shop for $150 of a stock. If the stock rises 10%, you make $15. However, if the stock declines 10%, you lose $15. Importantly, if the stock goes up by means of 50%, you’re making 75% returns. But, if the share declines 50%, you lose all of your money! So it’s better to use Equity investment tips for making profit.


Bottom Line:-

It’s good to make investments using equity recommendations for your own and study extra about the markets. But, spend money on things you recognize, and always have a bias for quality shares which you need to preserve for long period of time. It sounds attractive to try to make a quick dollar; however like something else, real money is made with the aid of slowly compounding your returns within a Stock investment.

Share Market Update : SGX - KLSE Hot Update of the Day’s .

  • Higher 2H earnings in the basket for Sheng Siong?

Sheng Siong Group is relied upon to get higher profit in 2H16 as indicated by Daiwa Capital Markets, which has looked after its “overweight” brings in a Thursday report.

  • Banks said to split from investors on Hong Kong’s IPO overhaul.

An arrangement to change how Hong Kong’s underlying open offerings are screened is setting the city’s securities firms against a portion of the world’s greatest cash administrators.

  • ZICO Holdings officially launches new unit, ZICO Capital.

In a Thursday discharge, ZICO states that the unit gives money related consultative and administration administrations for private and open recorded organizations. These incorporate overseeing value raising support exercises and in addition prompting on mergers and acquisitions, general takeovers, reverse takeovers, privatizations, delisting and other corporate activities.

  • Fullerton Healthcare said to win approval for US$250 mil IPO.

Fullerton Healthcare Corp., a supplier of medicinal administrations to corporate specialists in Asia, won Singapore trade endorsement for the first sale of stock that could raise about US$250 million ($337 million), as indicated by individuals with the learning of the matter.

  • CDL’s online foray in China unlocks potential growth and synergies.

OCBC Investment Research is keeping City Developments Limited (CDL) on “purchase” with an unaltered reasonable worth assessment of $9.89 taking after the property designer’s RMB100 million ($20.4 million) interest in mamahome, a Chinese online condo rental stage.

Hot Stocks for Intra & Contra Day Trader in SGX Market :

  • Keppel
  • TEE
  • ZICO
  • Rowsley
  • Rickmers Maritime

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How to know Which Stock Picks is Better to Invest in Singapore Market ?

There are various traders who invest in stock market and there are many who are new in investing field. The new investors or traders are searching a way to gain profit and to lessen the chance of risk in the stock market. For those who are new, it’s better to know that the low P/E ratio is good than high P/E ratio. The most important think to be better known to gain profit is market analysis. The market analysis helps in stock picks to make profitable trades. Picking a perfect stock is beneficial to deal with the market trends.

But wait! With lots of stocks or list of top stocks, how do you know which stock investment is beneficial for you? Going through each company’s balance sheet and earning statement to know the best stock to pick is an impossible way. Moreover, deciding on an investment based totally strictly on the standards inputs of a stock screener is at risk of error and does now not produce a complete representation of the organization. In the end, sincerely coat tailing institutional traders will normally now not assist you to find any ten baggers as fund managers have a tendency to cognizance normally on safe blue chip stocks.

Decide Your Goal:-

The first step to picking the stock from the Singapore stock picks available is to determine the purpose of your portfolio. Traders focused on earnings, capital preservation or capital appreciation requirements can have unique investment criteria’s. Income-orientated traders will commonly focus on low-increase firms in industries and sectors including the utilities, even though other alternatives such as REITs and master confined partnerships are also effortlessly to be had. Those who have a low-risk tolerance and are mainly involved with capital maintenance tend to put money into solid blue chip agencies. And traders who’re looking for capital appreciation should goal organizations of ranging market caps and existence cycle levels.

Keep an Eye on Market:-

To be a knowledgeable investor, it’s important to be updated with modern market activities and critiques. Studying blogs, magazines and on a line, monetary information is an easy to be updated, which may be performed on a day by day basis. By reading blogs and news on daily basis traders can stay updated with daily stock picks.

For example, studying a newspaper article is approximately a first-rate acquisition that can spur further research into the basics of a market. The internet presents an extremely good level of convenience wherein any essential event will be analyzed thru multiple views by means of one of kind investment professionals. There are various sites which update articles or blogs on a daily basis from where you can get to know about the Latest Stock Picks for picking a stock.

This form of basic analysis is the basis of top stock picks behind the investment, which justifies buying any stock inside the particular industry of choice.

Find Companies:-

The next level inside the SGX intraday stock picks system includes finding the corporations which you will be potentially interested in. There are three easy methods of doing this:-

  • Find the ETFs which track the overall performance of the industry and check out their holdings. This may be as easy as just trying to find “industry X ETF”; the official ETF page will expose both all or top stock picks holdings of the fund.
  • Use a screener to filter shares based totally on particular standards such as industry and sector. Screeners provide users extra capabilities such as sorting agencies primarily based on marketplace cap, dividend yield, and different useful funding metrics. It helps in knowing the hot stock picks for gaining profit.
  • Maintain looking through the blogosphere, stock analysis articles and monetary news releases for thoughts on agencies inside the selected investment area. Don’t forget to be important of the whole lot you examine and analyze both facets of the argument.

Bottom Line:-

At this point, you may be left with only one investment prospect. Perhaps, even after all of the time you placed into stock picks, you decided that this enterprise isn’t proper for you. This kind of decision is necessary to the art of stock selecting since your studies or research has helped prevent a probably bitter investment.

Stock Picks: Six Rules to Follow for Picking a Stock in Singapore

Lots of people do trading in Singapore market, but there are many new investors and the average ones for whom the stock picking or stock selection may be difficult. Every trader or investor have different goals and they use different methods for stock picks. In this blog we have mentioned some stock picking tips which if followed can result in earning a good profit. Consider following rules before picking a stock:

Rule 1:-

Invest in stocks that offers company business model which is fair and straight forward and easy to understand for you. Picking that stock is also foolish which is understandable by you but which is not understandable or complicate to understand for other investors. Because investing in that stock will not result in profit if other investors do not take interest in that stock. So for investing in a particular stock and to get knowledge about market performance of the stock, it’s better to use equity tips for investing.

Rule 2:-

Invest only in those companies that are ‘best in breed’. Best breed companies are those companies which have tremendously-established brands or have strong emerging brands. If you consider good companies then there are more changes to win the trade. It’s far first-class to stay with preeminent, ubiquitous, and noticeably-widespread brands as well as underweight sectors in which the stocks are tough to find or do not exist. So be careful while selecting a company for equity picks.

Rule 3:-

If you want to invest in a stock then it should be strong enough to meet the criteria. Check out the long-term performance of the stock so that you will get a idea of and it will help in taking decision whether to trade that stock or not.

Buy stocks that suit the above metrics and which have performed well over a large period of time. In case you are looking for rapidly-emerging brands in addition to tremendously-established brands, this shouldn’t be a hassle. Maximum businesses that fit this profile have a wonderful lengthy-time track record of making shareholder price. It’s better to use equity recommendations for investing in a stock to get more profit. There are various service providers which analyze the market with accuracy and recommend the stocks accordingly to trade.

Rule 4:-

Try to give attention to those companies that pay out dividends. For example, Google does not pay a dividend, however it is a highly recommended stock in line with this funding philosophy. To trade or invest in a particular stock it is better to use stock trading signals, mainly for those who don’t have the time to analyze the market whole day. Signals are nothing but the alerts which indicate the correct time and correct price to trade the particular stock so that more profit can be gained. Equity trading signals are found out to be the most reliable and in trend trading style.

Rule 5:-

Try to avoid small-cap companies and try to invest in mid-cap or large-cap companies. There are various companies which fit in this framework but always keep that advice in mind while picking a stock. If you are investing in a good company then these advice will not be a problem. Just use stock tips and trade accordingly to win the trade. Stock tips can be a short summary of stock or the market through which you can consider the stock to trade.

Rule 6:-

To gain profit with equity picks, you need to buy a stock that fits this framework and is more either on significant market pullbacks or when the equity is breaking out from a large consolidation area or base. While trading a stock if it is followed by equity trading tips then chances of gaining profit and winning a trade increases.

Bottom Line:-

“The four most dangerous words in investing are: ‘this time it’s different.” - Sir John Templeton

Always follow market trends and history for selecting a stock. A major key to investing in a particular stock through stock picks is its performance over five years. So be careful while selecting a stock for making profit.

How to do Stock Investment in Singapore Market?

If you are planning to trade in Stock market and want to make large Stock Investment than you don’t have to worry too much even if you are new trader and stock market is new for you because making investment is not a very big deal you just need to learn how to trade in stock market and make some smart strategies.
When you enter into the market for selling and buying stocks in Stock Investment Singapore Market, at the same time there are different investors who are also entering the market for selling and buying stocks. There is a high possibility that they may be experienced investors in that case if you are new to the market than you should have smart strategies to compete them and win the market.

Equity Investment Tips or Stock investment Tips:-

In this article we are providing some equity investment tips also called as stock investment tips as it’s a human nature that everyone needs a key to become rich and get success in whatsoever they do. So here are the tips which are beneficial for making Stock Investment in Singapore market.

Here are the Equity Investment Tips:-

  • Stay In the market:-

Don’t leave the market, try to stay in the market and analyze the market properly so that you have accurate stock trading signals and it will help you to sell and buy the stocks at the accurate time so that you can earn more profit. Do not try to leave the market or time the market because it may lead to loss as you never know when the market goes down or high as market fluctuates very rapidly.

“I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” - Warren Buffett

 Never Try To beat the market:-

If you are trying to trade in the market than never try to beat the market because if you try to beat the market than there are more chances of loss as the investments choose, you bought and sold at less optimal times.

  • Do not change the Asset Allocation Again and Again:-

Stick to your allocation does not change it. If you have smart strategy and disciplined asset allocation than it can help you in avoiding risks and results in high accuracy. People tries to allot more money to protect their capital from destroying.

  • Inquire Properly before Investing:-

Always go at the suitable financial advisor to inquire the market, they have more knowledge and experience of the market so they can help you in Stock Investment and many of them also provide share trading signals with high accuracy which would be beneficial.

 Maintain your Goal:-

Never give up as the stock market fluctuates suddenly, so if the market is going down never disappoint on that as there are high chances or possibility that market can rise again. If you are in the stock market than you have to learn to bear risks too.

Benefits of Stock Investment:-

As we all know that everything involves some good and some bad. Similarly, investing in stock also involves benefits. These benefits will help the investors to understand the stock market more clearly. Here the benefits:-

  • Investors who are investing in stock market will have high chances of getting profit with high returns.
  • Investing in stock market provides you minor ownership. When you put your money in stock of a reputed company that time you become the part of the ownership and with that you can improve your standing or position in market.
  • It also gives you the right to vote and voice your opinion at corporate level.
  • Stock investment is known as liquid investment as every day investors are buying and selling. So it is easy to find a buyer and seller in this market.

Stock investment is the best way of making money because there are high chances of gaining profit with good returns although there are risks too but if you have good strategy than you can earn profit but with strategy you have to stay in market and analyze market carefully.