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Situations When You’ll Need to Know About Financial & Investment Planning

It’s Important to Frame Your Investment Plans

When it comes to investing in SGX stock market, financial planning is the utmost important factor to manage your finances. Before investing, it’s recommended to know investment concepts, how to manage risk factor through diversification & what investment horizon means; because what you save & invest will help you to fulfill your financial goals. With this means, it’s important to keep in mind that investments that offer higher returns also put you at risk of losing capital which is termed as risk return trade off.

What Investment Horizon Means?

A portion of time, which the investor invests to achieve their financial goals. A long time investment horizon tends to trade for a longer time with short-term price fluctuations. But, if you’ve short term investment horizon as well as you can’t take the risk of losing money; it’s recommended to invest only in less risky assets. Besides this, whether you’re a short-term investor or long term, an accurate Stock picks in your trading can help you to analyze the market movements to trade confidently.

If your investment horizon will be longer, it will be necessary to save more through compounding. The compounding tends to earn returns by reinvesting your previous returns. It’s recommended to start investing as early as possible because earliest returns can be reinvested for long period of time to produce good returns.

Why is Diversification Beneficial?

Diversification generates from the term co-relation. Co-relation is all about movement in stock price that takes place together in the same direction. In addition to this, the diversification in Stock investment is all about creating the investment portfolio with less correlation which doesn’t take place in the same direction. In diversification of your portfolio, you will have to lose your profits as well it will also minimize your risk of losses in your portfolio.

Your diversified investment portfolio comprised of various assets such as shares, commodities, bonds & cash. By having a diversified portfolio, you will be capable of withstanding market fluctuations.

Final words:

Well, as the stock market is all about price movements, therefore, adopting a disciplined approach to investment are necessary while buying & selling stocks. Also, be sure about your investment plans & objectives.

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Whose tips should I follow for Intraday trading in Singapore?

It is only by risking our persons from one hour to another that we live at all. – William James

Intraday trading, as can be understood from the name, is that trade which you incorporated in the same day. This means you buy equities and then sell during the same trading day, or do the reverse, i.e. sell equities first and buy the same quantity the same day.

But it does not sound as simple as it looks. Many newbie traders think they would use speculative recommendations from agencies and succeed every day in intraday trading. This is not only wrong but too detrimental to their investment. Intraday trading is a dicey ground where even experts are challenged. Therefore, it is too significant to first learn some secrets of the trade and then try your hands with intraday trades.

Here are some expert equity tips you must know much before you think of entering an intraday trade!

How does intraday trading work?

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. - Kofi Annan

So the first best thing is always to know how intraday trading works! Well. Intraday trading is a game of identification and monitoring and what you monitor here is trends. This is because when you closely monitor trends, you can find the right entry and exit points – which you can use for your trade.

What are entry and exit points? The entry point is the price at which successful traders bought or sold an equity and exit point is the other side of it – price to either sell or buy.

So, where to find the entry and exit points? A professional and best equity tips provider uses dedicated charts which are based on historic data of a specific stock. This is where they discover technical indicators and determine equity tips.

Intraday Trading Strategies

Are you here in the intraday trading to make profits right? So your objective should be to earn optimum benefits and for that, the only secret to succeeding is to float with the wind, means to trade with the trend.

So in their stock trading tips, experts suggest traders study the overall trend. There are some specific methods to do that and you may learn these methods dedicating a very small time.

MACD histogram is a great way to read and monitor the overall trend of the equities you want to focus. MACD means Moving Average Convergence Divergence. With the help of MACD, you can determine change occurring between two moving averages of equity prices. It is important to know here is a moving average is that figure which is taken by observing price fluctuations of a price over a time of two to five weeks.

Intraday Trading Rules

Technical research analysts at an equity financial advisory form a histogram based upon two moving averages. If the histogram is seen from positive to negative, it is a downtrend while if it is the other way, equity or stock is said to have an uptrend.

Your clue here is to go by the MACD trend only to make it a profitable day.

In short, intraday trading does not remain risky anymore if it is done through due knowledge and using equity tips of the wise. With insights as this, you can always make maximum profit with intraday trades.

Significant Details About Stock Trading Tips Singapore Traders Should Know!

“Remember, the goal of structured futures thinking is to come up with a picture of possible futures that will help to inform strategic decisions.” - Jamais Cascio

The prime objective behind the stock market analysis and tips determination is to speculate the future developments in the market & based upon them, help you as a trader and investor in planning better for your stock trading. In other words, tips or recommendations provide you a vision in terms of hot stocks and in terms of best price bets on specific stocks.

Now those recommendations or tips which are specially made from the futures market perspective are called stock trading tips. So, why separate tips are needed for futures trading?

Simple to understand – there are some traders who trade intraday, i.e. they complete the buy-sell cycle of their stocks in the same day. Such traders look for intraday stock recommendations or tips. Similarly, traders and investors who pick stocks to trade in longer terms and trade under futures contracts are benefitted with futures stock trading tips.

Important things to know about futures trading and tips:

“Patience is a virtue, and I’m learning patience. It’s a tough lesson.” - Elon Musk

Much of the above quote can be predominantly felt in the futures trading. Actually, Futures Trade is a good trading option for traders and investors, who wish to play safer, want profits in the longer period and have the patience to see market trends.

Stock trading tips in a future perspective are derived from various factors. Everyday events play a major role in shaping the trends in the stock market. Therefore, latest buzz or news are primarily used by stock analysts to provide tips.

In addition, previous records also help them in analyzing and coming up with statistics so as to determine whether it is an uptrend or downtrend. With these, their stock futures tips become more valuable and meaningful.

The role of research in driving futures stock trading tips:

“You’d be amazed how much research you can get done when you have no life whatsoever.”
? Ernest Cline

Every financial advisor has to have a dedicated research team which uses the data available for sending trading tips to futures stock traders. Tips are decisive for traders in terms of their profits or losses and therefore, enough research and elaborate analysis is needed before tips are sent.

However, as a newbie stock futures trader, you should vitally notice that tips are provocative for your trading. It is too risky to go by speculations or by your emotions, and it is usually safer if you rely on the tips and recommendations provided by a professional financial advisory.

It is not important whether you should read online blogs, catch up with experts’ advice or register with a financial advisory. Most important is that you keep tips as a handy support for your trading. The reason is simple – you may trade your mediocre experience and gut feel while tips come from the experts’ vast experience, enormous research, and detailed analysis.

Stocks Futures Trade has limited pitfalls as against the SGX Intraday trading, but your profitability becomes manifolds when you seek futures trading tips!

How to Invest in Penny Stocks

Low-priced, small-cap shares are known as penny stocks. Contrary to their name, the SEC considers a penny stock to be pretty much greater $5. Buy positions in companies which are stronger & hold positions for long-term. To invest in penny stock is all about riding the waves of price movements of penny stocks. There are many ways to put money into penny stocks. None of them are smooth; none of them are guaranteed to make cash fast. You must be patient to find good opportunities to get good results. In this blog, we have mentioned some hot stock tips for investing in penny stocks.

How to Find Penny Stocks?

One of the worst parts about penny stock picks is that obscurity works against you. You need to discover a share that’s undervalued. It requires having an effective value: appropriate financials and an enhancing outlook.

Before you could invest in penny stock a stock in penny stock market, other traders ought to be inclined to sell it to you at that bargain price. If the company is clearly going to turn round, why would not they simply hold on it until it gets more interest? Maybe your loss or maybe you find out someone to sell shares.

Your great wish is to preserve it until the business enterprise completely turns around and gets again on regular penny stocks to watch market listing again. That could occur—however the risks are excessive.

How to Buy Penny Stocks?

Like any other stock you will purchase, you should purchase shares of a penny stock through your normal service provider using hot stock tips — irrespective of whether or now it’s indexed on a prime exchange. Ideally, the stock must have as a minimum a quantity of greater than 100,000 units changing figures each day. Demand right here is measured from each retail and institutional buyers.

Also, when researching at the basics for invest in penny stock use stock tips advice & forget about dividends. Many penny stocks that appear to have large dividend yields are in reality the use of an arithmetic trick in which a one-time payout is annualized out. These unique dividends are often unreliable and make a terrible selling.

Risk associated with Invest in Penny Stocks

Even valid penny stocks are plagued excessive risk. Two major reasons that risk is so inherent in penny stock investment are low liquidity and terrible standards of reporting.

As traders noticed recent with the sub-high lending marketplace, liquidity troubles can be a huge deal for traders. And unlike lending, low liquidity plagues the penny shares on an everyday basis. So traders use daily stock picks to gain profit.

Investing in penny stocks is one of the niche areas; even notably low exchange volumes may have an impressive effect on a stock’s share price. Penny shares may also exchange from time to time, because of this it is hard to sell penny stock shares when you own them. So it’s better to select penny stock using hot stock picks in order to avoid risk.

Bottom Line:

Regardless of all of the risks and disadvantages involved in penny shares, many traders prefer to invest in penny stock. There is a reason that penny stocks continue to be popular among investors: They gain high returns with penny stocks. Those traders who are still new but interested in trading penny stocks should follow the hot stock tips to gain profit and avoid risk.

Successful Intraday Trading Strategies in SGX Market

Intraday trading, also known as day trading, is not everybody’s cup of tea. Given the fast paced trading that places in this form and the investment risk subject to market volatility, traders and investors have to be extra cautious. Successful Intraday Trading Strategies On one hand, if there is the likelihood of remarkable profits on a single trading day, enough chances of perils exist and that may shatter the investor’s dreams to lead to severe losses. Especially if you are inexperienced about intraday or a new trader already, better hold an expert’s hand and gain some wisdom before dipping in the precarious waters.

While there is no second opinion the pivotal role of an Investment advisory, there are also some expert tips which can always be the guiding light when you are “in the dark” about market trends!

Successful Intraday Trading Strategies :

  • Trading patterns vary for different stock markets. Characteristics of intraday equity trading may not be the same as in commodities or FOREX. Therefore, it becomes extremely essential that you first mull over the particular market that bests suits you and then starts trading. For example, if you find it safer and comfortable to trade with equities, better to start paper trading using stock intraday tips. This way, you start gaining hands-on experience with day trades in your preferred segment and this confidence further helps you in actual intraday trading.
    Whatsoever the level of your confidence and experience, never stop employing the best stock tips sent by your trading advisory.
  • Two factors are an inherent aspect of stock market – volatility and liquidity; never ever underestimate them. The majority of the trends and levers in the market are governed by these two because volatility means price range in which trades take place, and liquidity is all about the traded stock volume. Now because you may not be sure about the figures in both the cases, you got to realize that you are always in the risky zone.
    It is soothing to have Intraday Trading Strategies, but you got to smartly apply them. Experts recommend beginner traders and investors to keep moderate hopes and not rely upon speculations.
  • Tempted with big profits, you are likely to bet your money on big trades. But in the process make sure you keep a close eye on latest happenings, industry updates and of course, alterations arising out of government regulations.
    A smart tactic to ward off such possibilities is to stay invested in different stocks. Remember experts’ words who stress not to put all the eggs in one bucket.
  • Choose your financial advisory wisely. The agency might be sending best and free intraday stock tips with good recommendations, you shouldn’t be asked an exorbitant sum for their services. Affordability is yet an attribute of reliable and professional investment advisory So it is in the case of the brokerage you pay on each intraday trade.

Figures show Singapore is a bit market for trading and there are thousands of people who profit here from the volume of intraday trading. You can be one of them on some days, but to be regularly successful, you should religiously follow the above tips.

Beginner Stock Trading Tips for SGX Stock Market

 “Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.” ? Meister Eckhart

The above quote aptly describes the Stock Trading Tips. You might be experienced with trading or may have just started. Uncertainty is the only identity of the stock market and therefore if you see someone asking “how to begin trading in the Singapore stock market?” it is quite natural !!

This is also one of the foremost queries trading aspirants ask. Whether they are tempted with the success of other traders or are excited after exploring the prospects of stock trading, this one question comes to the mind of almost everyone.

Well, spending time earning in gaining knowledge about all that is required is better than failing in the stock market and then asking it! So if you too are bogged with the same question, you should read this post and gather some valuable advice as for stock trading tips from experts.

Start with a virtual Demat Account

“Well begun is half done!” – Unknown

As a beginner, most experts suggest traders begin with a virtual “demand account”. Trading using this account helps you gain that initial know-how about how trading is done, how money is invested and also what is the right time to target specific sectors.

There are numerous companies offering virtual trading accounts, but the best of all is with SGX Market. Start off with this account to gain that much desirable confidence.

Once you have the confidence and experienced necessary to start stock trading, you are up to go open a real Demat Account with some professional broker!

Stock Trading Tips about most recommended stocks

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Read through this quote and you will realize why you need an expert’s helping hand in pursuit of profit in stock market. Yes, much before the next question comes to your mind “which are the most recommended stocks to invest in”, here is the answer!

First and foremost, look for your own trading interest, whether it is the banking sector, telecom, real estate, finance, or something else! But when deciding the stocks of specific companies to trade in, you should look for various aspects like the company’s turnover, its previous year’s profit and loss statement, trading volumes in the stock market, etc.

Another important factor that is decisive for your trading is whether to invest in the short or long term!

Understand that you invest for a short duration with a three to six-month perspective and you invest in a longer term with more than six months perspective. Depending upon specific stocks, their trend and the advice of your stock tips provider, you can decide for specific stocks and then invest in them.

Few things to remember

  • Constantly educate yourself by reading valuable wisdom from stock market experts.
  • Keep abreast with the latest market updates, financial news, market events, company-specific updates, etc.
  • Have a trading strategy of your own and match it with your financial objective.
  • Diversify your trading portfolio by investing in multiple stocks / sectors.

For stock trading, always remember that-

“There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning.” - Christopher Morley.

Equity Investment Tips For Short Term Investments & Long Term Investments

If you are looking for free Equity Investment tips then these are the ones that will help you the most. Making a financial commitment in shares need you to take some determined tips and take choices with your head rather than with your center. Psychological choices will create you selfishly and you will end up getting shares which can carry you down. Information is an essential factor about stock financial commitment strategies. You have to comprehend how the stock markets perform and what activates a particular stock. You also need to comprehend how different shares are relevant to each other. Study guides and content about the share market Singapore, as much as you can. Study the stock reviews in magazines and observe stock information to know how the industry is doing.

Equity investment tips for short term investment :

These are the free equity trading tips that will help you the more. However, there are a lot of other factors that you must keep in mind before purchasing shares. Expanding your shares is very essential to create sure that even if one stock isn’t able you, the other can cosmetics that. There are some shares which develop in value quickly and drop down even quicker. You have to neglect these shares as much as possible. If you are new to currency markets financial commitment strategies then the future stock financial commitment strategies will be your best choice. The equity markets often go according to the traders and you have to comprehend the feelings of individuals. If you can comprehend where most of the individuals can spend then you can improve your possibilities of higher earnings.

Equity investment tips for Long-term investment :

The Value of equity tips Singapore is also essential, if you are preparing to generate income from the earnings of the shares. The one factor that you have to know about is that you need to choose organizations which provide you this service on their shares. If you want to be effective with it then you have to comprehend about a company well enough before investing. Usually, the blue-chip shares, or the shares of most important worldwide organizations, are the best ones to buy if you want to generate income through earnings of the shares you buy. However, the equity investment recommendation strategies are not restricted to shares only. The exact real estate asset strategies are another equity financial commitment choice for you. Once you pay off all the loans you have taken for your home or home, you can then provide it and your benefit will be your equity. The right preparing will help you to obtain larger earnings.

How to PICK STOCKS for Stock trading

With an ever expanding question of metrics and suite available to the retail investors, a large bit of energy goes into figuring out the prospective size and position in a particular company which is again a complicated procedure, if we sit down to cross the possibilities of investment.

According to some learned professionals, these points have been skimmed for your better understanding about the equity picks and also about the ways to analyze companies worth investing in:-


It is the basic amount of the total income which is returned in the form of a percentage for particular shareholder equity. Talking of the measure of money that you invest in equity tips, it is a direct comparison between how much amount you have put in a company and the amount of profits you are drawing out of it.


When a company is greater signs of growth as compared to its contemporaries, you have a clear signal that something productive is going on. It could be anything ranging from a better and improved product, to a faster up scaling consumer base, to better and productive sales people. It doesn’t actually matter because at the end of the day, growth is growth.


How a company battles against its tough times says volumes about the fundamental premises of that particular firm. There are bright chances that if you are able to stand strong in such weathered times, you surely deserve to stand and face prosperous results, which is a reasonable bargain. The generation thus can be observed based on this parameter.


It is surely a good sign if the executives have some real motives in the game and not only a deep focus on the equity picks, which is an exemplification of their real position in the company. If they somehow miss the opportunity then probably they have missed on it big time.


The company should have equally matched standards with the analysts. The expectations should be fulfilled completely. The company needs to hit at the right mark consistently. Because what we believe is “What we look for is momentum, a company that can under promise and over deliver.”

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3 Proven Steps To Start Stock Trading And Succeed

You can build an extremely profitable business trading in stocks. However, nobody can deny volatility in any market of the world and therefore, you need expert advice and a right trading strategy, if you want to earn huge benefits with Stock trading  or stock options.

This article adequately educates you about stock trading and also helps you understand what factors help you minimize risk and maximize profits.

How to Begin stock trading:

At the beginning stage, it is always advisable to start paper trading. This is an exceptional method at the start up a level because when you paper trade, you don’t dedicate any real money in the trade.

Paper trading is nothing but practicing your trade on paper by observing real-time prices and price variations.

All you have to do here is involve in the imaginary purchase of stocks, notice values and price movements, in line with your monetary investment. In the process, you also familiarize with factors about how stock market functions and how economic issues drive the market.

In short, become a smart paper trader to become a smart stock trader in reality!

Why use price shopping:

Next step in the process of learning stock trading is price shopping.

For success in the market, you must develop the art of searching the right price of stocks. This is done through price shopping.

Once you expertise in price shopping, you got little to fear because you already know which stocks are overpriced and which are not. And when you trade with underpriced stocks, your profit margin increases many times; also, you don’t buy overpriced stocks!

Initial Public Offerings, also known as IPOs, are mostly underpriced and are best to begin trade. You should stock tips of a professional financial advisor to decide on which IPOs to invest in.

Why diversify your portfolio?

Having started with paper trading and then using your price shopping expertise for trades, you become quite conversant with India’s stock market and trading pattern. After this, you can look to diversify your investment portfolio!

Why should you diversify? Well, because when you diversify, risks arising out of market fluctuation get largely reduced. Diversification of portfolio simply means you are choosing a variety of stocks from different industries and also switch your positions according to the market conditions.

You can adopt different strategies in the process of diversification. For example, you can stick to varied trading interests and can take up sell-buy strategy when the market is bullish or higher. It can be the other way out when the market is bullish.

Precisely speaking, SGX / KLSE  market has many positive aspects because of its diversity. After current developments, stock market has lots of good indications for the traders.

Get the Stock Market Tips For Your Profitable Return

The temptation of big money has always thrown investors into the lap of stock markets. Although, making money in equity is not an easy. It not only requires discipline & patience but also the sound understanding of market with a great deal of research.

However, there is no sure shot formula has been discovered for success in stock market yet, but below is some Stock Market Tips which can increase your chance of getting a good return.

Use Limit Order For Buy & Sell Stock:
When buying stocks, you have an option of purchasing via ‘limit’ order or ‘market’ order. A Market Order tends to pay as per the current ongoing rate for a stock and a ‘Limit Order’ permits you to fix the highest price you want to pay for a stock or the lowest price at which you want to sell a stock.

If you buy or sell via Market Order, Stocks often get up and down on a daily basis & if you purchase via Market Order, you might get caught at the high end of the average value of the stock or If you sell via Market Order, you might end up at the low end of the day’s variance in stock.

Therefore, secure yourself from these kinds of fluctuations by using a “Limit Order”. A Limit Order permits you to set the maximum price you want to buy a stock as well as if the lowest price you wants to sell a stock.

Avoid Mutual Funds & Indexes:
 One of the major mistakes a new investor make is investing in the stock market by purchasing into an index fund or in a mutual fund ( an of i.e. fund which tracks Dow Jones, S&P 500 etc). These indexes and funds must be avoided entirely.

As mutual funds always tend to deliver inferior returns, despite is fact, many investors put their entire stock into these funds.

On the other hand, Index funds also represent a problem for investors because they track the whole market rather than limited stocks. For example, just consider an ‘index fund’ that has tracked the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX Market) and if you invest money into such fund, you would be taking a small shares of every company on the exchange. This includes both losers and winners.

Invest in Individual Stocks Of Great Companies:
After knowing how to buy stocks and generate higher returns, the next focus for investors is to pick the stocks they want to purchase. The best and effective way to invest in the individual stocks is to invest in the stock of great companies that are not likely to be around 5 or 10 years, but still be a developed company.

Doesn’t Purchase Stock All At Once:
The next Best stock market trading tips for investors is to divide your investments at every purchase. This helps to secure you from notable price drops due to poor earnings report.

Ideally, divide your initial investment into thrice of amounts and buy shares 30 days apart and be secure from price loss.

Get Enroll In Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIPs):
A dividend reinvestment program will automatically capture dividends issued by an organization and utilize it to buy extra shares of the stock. DRIP will receive sufficient new shares that the dividends generated on those new shares.

Moreover, always buy quality stocks at undervalued price levels if investing for more than a year and if one wants to make a mark in stock market the investment cycle of an investor should be of more than 4 years instead of small horizons.