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Share Market End of Day history

Here is Top Gainers of Day n SGX Share Market (Intraday) 31 Jan 2017

Top Gainers

SN Name Last Change
1  SPDR DJIA US$ 199.92 2.42
2  GLD US$ 113.99 1.19
3  Lyxor MSIndia. 15.61 0.72
4  JSH USD 38.07 0.37
5  Hyflux 6% CPS# 95.53 0.31

Here is Top Loser of Day In SGX Share Market (Intraday )

Top Loser

SN Name Last Change
1  DBXT iBoxxSvE.. 240.65 -10.06
2  Jardine C&C 41.35 -0.52
3  DBXT S&P500 US$ 39.87 -0.38
4  DBXT MSTaiwan.. 23.67 -0.32
5  DBXT ASX200 US$ 36.78 -0.21



If you are a newbie investor who’s just beginning out, other than mutual price range, one of the first things which you could be fascinated to find out greater about is possible to stock for investment in SGX market.

This is due to the fact it is broadly-believed that a well-planned share investment approach is a viable manner to build up wealth in the long term. Trading shares also happen to be a much less intimidating way to dip your toes in the international of investments as it’s far pretty convenient and cheaper these days.

So in case you are eager to add shares in your funding portfolio, right here are 8 steps to getting yourself began.

Be clear in your goals and what it takes:

Before you even buy your first piece of inventory, it is prudent to, first of all, align your expectations with the corresponding risk that stock buying and selling includes before placing your cash into it in SGX market.

Stock investment is normally extra suitable to people with a better risk appetite and who are not content with the particularly decrease capability returns you may get hold of from mutual finances.

Central Depository Account:

To begin buying and selling stocks in Singapore for equity investment, you will need a CDP securities account. The CDP account safeguards the stocks you have got purchased within the nearby share market.

There are three methods to open an individual account:

  • Mailing within the application form and required documents
  • over-the-counter at the CDP
  • over the counter at any SGX-ST Member dealer

Open a trading account:

A buying and selling account or brokerage account is an account you have got with a brokerage firm that permits you to sell & buy shares in SGX market.

You cannot trade shares without an account. Before making your selection on which entity to open an account with, it’d be beneficial to perform a little records-amassing to compare them in terms of prices, services, studies gear and different factors.

Determine investment plan for SGX market:

So that you have made it this some distance and now you’re ready to put money into your first stock. However, with so many shares obtainable, how can you make a decision which of them to pick n SGX market?

Step one is to decide how much amount of your capital is going to be allotted to stocks. just because it applies to any other asset elegance or funding tool, you should avoid placing all of your money entirely into stocks. You should use stock market tips to get knowledge about allocation.

Pick out your stocks:

After you have assessed your capital and risk appetite, it’s time to continue to begin deciding on a stock.

There are two methods of analyzing stocks: fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Those strategies need not be mutually one of a kind; in fact, many traders use a mixture of each to be able to assist them with their stock selection. No single type of analysis is better than the other, so do discover each and find out for yourself which one fits you better. You can also use hot stock picks for selecting a stock.

Bottom Line:

Remember the fact that the motive of investment in SGX market is to overcome inflation! Be disciplined and keep on with your original investment game plan so you can achieve your long-term goal.

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Stock Recommendation

Everyone is looking for a short and smooth way to becoming rich and get happiness. It seems to be human nature to constantly look for a hidden key to converting every result in the lottery ticket. even as some human beings do purchase triumphing tickets or a not unusual stock that quadruples or more in 12 months, it’s extraordinarily not going, for the reason that relying upon good fortune is an investment method that simplest the foolish or most desperate would pick out to comply with. So to win the trades it’s better to rely upon the stock recommendations as they show’s an overview of market condition.

Analyst Stock Recommendations:

Analyst recommendations can assist traders advantage a fuller image of the country of vast or unique markets and can tell their next steps; therefore, it is useful for Share Investment to understand analyst recommendations.

But, such share market tips commonly take the form of a single word, consistent with the Financial industry Regulatory Authority. They are based on critical, in-intensity studies, and feature a big effect on the glide of capital. They are now not vain, but they do require a sure quantity of knowledge if they may be to be used to create an actual price.

Guide to Analyst Recommendations:

Analyst stock recommendations are far better in order to gain profit from trading. But there are two conditions for making an equity investment from them and they are:

  • Analyst recommendations are like dairy products in that it’s far great to apply them speedy or never. Stocks have a tendency to drift in the direction of recommendation adjustments, however for weeks or months, not longer years.
  • “Sells” tend to be a long way extra prescient than “buys”. Analysts face little resistance to their “buy” hints risk angering agencies and investors with their “sells,” so that they have a tendency to trouble to sell share trading signals a great deal more judiciously.

Singapore stocks investing:

Singapore is well known within the investment network for its investment and financial sectors. Making a stock investment in Singapore may be carried out in several approaches. Of direction, it’s far essential that you decide how a great deal of your normal portfolio must be invested in Asia, and then make Singapore a percent of that allocation.

For Singapore stock investing you can select a service provider and use their services for intraday and positional trading. They will provide you information about the live share market and also provide hot stock tips for intraday trading. You just need the proper analysis of the market for investing in Singapore.

What is a good stock recommendation?

Each investor requires stock recommendations in some time either in present or future. This can be through your service provider, or business channels and websites. But, it could now not usually be clean to comply with these stock market tips. A few can also even grow to be conflicting. That said, recommendations can be quite valuable or even unavoidable for a few buyers. To get a good stock recommendation you should follow some tips:

  • Select a reliable advisor and check their accuracy by using their free trial schemes.
  • Understand their words, what they are using for showing market condition. For example, some use to sell and buy while some use holds, outperform etc.
  • Execute the trade within the time limit of recommendation.

How stock recommendations are good for Share investor?

The stock recommendation is considered as one of the most prior methods used by investors in Singapore to generate profitable results. Some of the pros of recommendations are:

  • The stock recommendation provides information about the market changes and alerts the trader for the correct time to sell or buy shares.
  • Recommendations or hot stock picks basically make buying and selling flexible. They deliver investors opportunities to monitor the share market and trades far from their computers, instead of sending real-time notifications to their email or mobile devices when activity happens on their advisor’s end.
  • Traders will get the correct information of the day market and can buy the stock by getting alert for stocks to buy now.
  •  Traders can pick the stocks as per their comfort by getting the stocks market today analysis tips by providers.

Key points to know what are the best stock to buy today

Finding the best stock to buy is one of the most difficult sectors of making an investment. Buying of stocks is based on available economic data on daily basis to identify the probability of stock’s movement. It depends on different factors — including growth increase, financial solvency, stock rate overall volatility & performance — which, whilst taken collectively shows the market conditions of stocks. Based on all these factors, traders can select the best stock to buy today to earn more profit from trading. Here in this blog, we will explain you the ways to pick the right stock to trade and to gain profit.

How to choose the best stock to buy today?

There are literally thousands of stocks available for buying in the stock market. So how do you go about finding the right one stock to buy today? Often it is helpful to apply a stock screen, hard and fast criteria that you could quickly compare shares in opposition to see if they meet your necessities. You must first sit down and make a list of your investment objectives; once you have got which you have to be able to provide you with an appropriate display. Your choice criteria for the initial screening need to be some quantifiable measures that you assume are the most important in you’re making an investment or making the decision for best stocks to buy now.

Right here are some standards to be considered while selecting a stock:

  • Earnings growth
  • Recent income surprises
  • Price/earnings ratio
  • Dividends
  • Market cap or length
  • Industry Relative power

How to Choose Stocks For Day Trading?

There are plenty of stocks you may trade on any given day these stocks are also mentioned in the stock to buy today list. The potential variety of trade possibilities can sense overwhelming to the untrained eye. Finding the good stocks to buy for day trading requires work and quite a bit of research to your element. There are a number of ways under that you may use in each the pre-market and at buying and selling day to identify the best stocks to day trade. You can choose penny stocks based on the research made on penny stocks to buy for a day trade, Trade stocks with high volume, and focus on the advisor’s watchlist of stocks to watch for day trading, try to focus on only one or two stocks for gaining profit through day trading.

Stocks to buy tomorrow:

A stock to buy tomorrow is a prediction made by the researchers to provide information about the future. Knowing the best stocks to invest in could be very beneficial as the traders can make a plan as per the predictions for trading in future. They can find out the growth rate and their previous record so that they can take a decision whether investing in those stocks would be profitable or not. These predictions also include top penny stocks to buy tomorrow. So traders can also benefit from them.

Genuine stock tips provider:

It’s hard to find a genuine stock tips provider but not impossible. The genuine provider will provide you profit guarantee. They will provide risk reward ratio of at least 1:2. They will provide information about the best shares to buy through their accurate market analysis. They will also provide free trial period so that you can judge their accuracy and with this, they update info about stocks to buy now so that traders can earn more profit.

Bottom Line:

There are various ways to pick the best stocks to buy today with a purpose today trade.  Simply make sure your test and research provide you the means to trade high volume stocks based on a valid system that continuously makes you money.

Situations When You’ll Need to Know About Financial & Investment Planning

It’s Important to Frame Your Investment Plans

When it comes to investing in SGX stock market, financial planning is the utmost important factor to manage your finances. Before investing, it’s recommended to know investment concepts, how to manage risk factor through diversification & what investment horizon means; because what you save & invest will help you to fulfill your financial goals. With this means, it’s important to keep in mind that investments that offer higher returns also put you at risk of losing capital which is termed as risk return trade off.

What Investment Horizon Means?

A portion of time, which the investor invests to achieve their financial goals. A long time investment horizon tends to trade for a longer time with short-term price fluctuations. But, if you’ve short term investment horizon as well as you can’t take the risk of losing money; it’s recommended to invest only in less risky assets. Besides this, whether you’re a short-term investor or long term, an accurate Stock picks in your trading can help you to analyze the market movements to trade confidently.

If your investment horizon will be longer, it will be necessary to save more through compounding. The compounding tends to earn returns by reinvesting your previous returns. It’s recommended to start investing as early as possible because earliest returns can be reinvested for long period of time to produce good returns.

Why is Diversification Beneficial?

Diversification generates from the term co-relation. Co-relation is all about movement in stock price that takes place together in the same direction. In addition to this, the diversification in Stock investment is all about creating the investment portfolio with less correlation which doesn’t take place in the same direction. In diversification of your portfolio, you will have to lose your profits as well it will also minimize your risk of losses in your portfolio.

Your diversified investment portfolio comprised of various assets such as shares, commodities, bonds & cash. By having a diversified portfolio, you will be capable of withstanding market fluctuations.

Final words:

Well, as the stock market is all about price movements, therefore, adopting a disciplined approach to investment are necessary while buying & selling stocks. Also, be sure about your investment plans & objectives.

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The city-state of Singapore is a financial center of Southeast Asia and offers many stock investing opportunities. However, the public groups of Singapore normally list at the domestic stock trading of Singapore without direct access by traders in other nations. It’s also possible for foreign traders to make investments in SGX stocks using other ways. This sort of diversification may be effective, as it exposes traders to markets that could perform higher than their very own countries in the course of a few durations. To start to exchange shares in Singapore, you’ll be required to have some knowledge and in this blog, we are sharing some information to help you start stock trading.

What is investing in stocks?

Like many new investors, you’ve got determined to invest in a corporation and pick up your first stocks for stock investment, but your confined learning leaves you thinking how to do it. Stock investing is simply a trading Investing in stocks is buying and selling of company’s equity – or derived products primarily based on company shares – within the hope of creating a profit.

Stocks constitute a portion of the ownership of a public enterprise, and makeup it’s really worth or market cap. The buying and selling of stocks are one of the famous and best-regarded markets in stock investing. There are two ways of making the profit from share investment: non-leveraged trading and leveraged trading.

What are Stock Investing Steps?

Share Investing is actually quite easy; you are basically placing your money to give you the results you want so that you don’t take another job. There are numerous distinct methods of investing in Singapore SGX market; here are some stock investing steps and they are:

  • Learn about the various types of investments available in share market Singapore.
  • Participate in the market don’t try to beat.
  • Invest in a broadly diversified portfolio of low-cost.
  • Look into Motif Investing to mitigate the risk.
  • Decide what type(s) of investing you’d like to do.
  • To pick motifs to buy along with your ‘play’ money, go along with industries or subjects you apprehend, or convictions you have.

How to Buy and Invest in Stocks?

There are several ways of investing in stock and they are:

  • Intraday trading
  • Positional trading
  • Midterm trading
  • Value Investing for Value Stocks
  • Growth Investing

To buy stocks the best way is to use hot stock Tips to make profitable investments as they will show you accurate market condition.

How to invest in penny stocks?

Find a stock that is undervalued. It requires having an effective cost: accurate financials and an enhancing outlook. It additionally requires flying underneath the radar of maximum investors: it has to be overlooked. Your great hope is to keep it until the agency absolutely turns round and gets returned on an ordinary share marketplace listing again. That may happen—but the risks are high. So better select an advisor that provides penny stock services such as stock signals to assure your profit gain.

Looking to Invest in Stocks:

If you are looking to invest in stocks then make the proper decision in selecting an advisor. Advisor should be reliable and potential in providing hot stock picks. The stock picks should be accurate so that you can execute your trade on proper time and price. Always keep an eye on hot stocks to buy in order to gain more profit at a time.

Bottom Line:

Stock Investing may be precarious and isn’t always for all people. In case you like you apprehend the risks and are ready to proceed, then step one is to find an advisor, & then fund an account. Stock screeners are probably your fine guess in narrowing down the universe of stocks so that you can find one that meets your trading style and risk tolerance.

Whose tips should I follow for Intraday trading in Singapore?

It is only by risking our persons from one hour to another that we live at all. – William James

Intraday trading, as can be understood from the name, is that trade which you incorporated in the same day. This means you buy equities and then sell during the same trading day, or do the reverse, i.e. sell equities first and buy the same quantity the same day.

But it does not sound as simple as it looks. Many newbie traders think they would use speculative recommendations from agencies and succeed every day in intraday trading. This is not only wrong but too detrimental to their investment. Intraday trading is a dicey ground where even experts are challenged. Therefore, it is too significant to first learn some secrets of the trade and then try your hands with intraday trades.

Here are some expert equity tips you must know much before you think of entering an intraday trade!

How does intraday trading work?

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. - Kofi Annan

So the first best thing is always to know how intraday trading works! Well. Intraday trading is a game of identification and monitoring and what you monitor here is trends. This is because when you closely monitor trends, you can find the right entry and exit points – which you can use for your trade.

What are entry and exit points? The entry point is the price at which successful traders bought or sold an equity and exit point is the other side of it – price to either sell or buy.

So, where to find the entry and exit points? A professional and best equity tips provider uses dedicated charts which are based on historic data of a specific stock. This is where they discover technical indicators and determine equity tips.

Intraday Trading Strategies

Are you here in the intraday trading to make profits right? So your objective should be to earn optimum benefits and for that, the only secret to succeeding is to float with the wind, means to trade with the trend.

So in their stock trading tips, experts suggest traders study the overall trend. There are some specific methods to do that and you may learn these methods dedicating a very small time.

MACD histogram is a great way to read and monitor the overall trend of the equities you want to focus. MACD means Moving Average Convergence Divergence. With the help of MACD, you can determine change occurring between two moving averages of equity prices. It is important to know here is a moving average is that figure which is taken by observing price fluctuations of a price over a time of two to five weeks.

Intraday Trading Rules

Technical research analysts at an equity financial advisory form a histogram based upon two moving averages. If the histogram is seen from positive to negative, it is a downtrend while if it is the other way, equity or stock is said to have an uptrend.

Your clue here is to go by the MACD trend only to make it a profitable day.

In short, intraday trading does not remain risky anymore if it is done through due knowledge and using equity tips of the wise. With insights as this, you can always make maximum profit with intraday trades.

Stock Trading Tips In SGX Volatile Market for Short Term & Long Term Traders

Are you an Investing to the stock market? Well, then you should be congratulated because you have decided to enter one of the most prospective and optimistic markets of the world.

Firstly, you got two large trading exchanges in Singapore/ Malaysia – Singapore Stock Exchange also is known as SGX, and the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange also known as KLSE. Both these exchanges are quite vast in terms of the number and size stocks. They make Singapore/Malaysia a wide horizon where thousands of people trade each day with a variety of trading interests and earn profits.

In short, opportunities to trade and make profits here are immense. But as a beginner, you should follow these stock tips to gain maximum profits and keep losses as low as possible

Discover a “market” to investing in

Imagine yourself in a shopping mall so over-flooded that you are left puzzled what to buy and what not! Such a scenario is presented in the stock market today. Markets are many and the options to trade with are unimaginably more. Point to make here is – don’t get confused or be prompted towards something that is most profitable to you!

Discover a market that you want to trade in, not the one that others making profits or another which sound lucrative for now.

It should be vital for you to know when reading stock trading tips that:

SGX comprises the stocks of Singapore, with which you can trade through futures and options or trade intraday. You can check the SGX website to see what all trading alternatives are available.

SGX comprises noted thirty stocks, and many others in addition. Here too, you can trade with any stock or stocks using your own strategy.

What you need to know here is – your investment capacity, experience and risk taking ability. Volatility is an inherent identity of Singapore / Malaysian exchanges and therefore, it pays to research and stay invested in only reliable stocks of reputed enterprises.

You can always have the benefits of using expert advice, and employing stock tips for optimum rewards.

 ‘Cheap Stocks’ should not be your trading strategy

Caution is the buzzword for stock market entrants and this should be particularly practiced whenever someone advises you to trade with cheap stocks.

Experts will always advise you to not to focus on cheap unreliable stocks. On the contrary, it is better to have a small quantity of good reliable company stocks.

You may find many stock tips telling about the profitability of cheap stocks but these are never believable because these stocks are mostly controlled by people. Hence, the stock prices you see going up or down are not authentic and shaky!

Such manipulated figures lead people to invest in haste and are the last thing to do in the stock market.

Put away Intraday Trading

Intraday trading is a profitable strategy but this is best for seasoned traders; not for someone inexperienced like you.

Intraday trade is the trade conducted during a single trading day. So the idea behind this trade is short term benefits trading any cheap stocks. But action has to be extremely quick in Intraday trading and therefore, this thought is better put off as long as possible.

How to Invest in Penny Stocks

Low-priced, small-cap shares are known as penny stocks. Contrary to their name, the SEC considers a penny stock to be pretty much greater $5. Buy positions in companies which are stronger & hold positions for long-term. To invest in penny stock is all about riding the waves of price movements of penny stocks. There are many ways to put money into penny stocks. None of them are smooth; none of them are guaranteed to make cash fast. You must be patient to find good opportunities to get good results. In this blog, we have mentioned some hot stock tips for investing in penny stocks.

How to Find Penny Stocks?

One of the worst parts about penny stock picks is that obscurity works against you. You need to discover a share that’s undervalued. It requires having an effective value: appropriate financials and an enhancing outlook.

Before you could invest in penny stock a stock in penny stock market, other traders ought to be inclined to sell it to you at that bargain price. If the company is clearly going to turn round, why would not they simply hold on it until it gets more interest? Maybe your loss or maybe you find out someone to sell shares.

Your great wish is to preserve it until the business enterprise completely turns around and gets again on regular penny stocks to watch market listing again. That could occur—however the risks are excessive.

How to Buy Penny Stocks?

Like any other stock you will purchase, you should purchase shares of a penny stock through your normal service provider using hot stock tips — irrespective of whether or now it’s indexed on a prime exchange. Ideally, the stock must have as a minimum a quantity of greater than 100,000 units changing figures each day. Demand right here is measured from each retail and institutional buyers.

Also, when researching at the basics for invest in penny stock use stock tips advice & forget about dividends. Many penny stocks that appear to have large dividend yields are in reality the use of an arithmetic trick in which a one-time payout is annualized out. These unique dividends are often unreliable and make a terrible selling.

Risk associated with Invest in Penny Stocks

Even valid penny stocks are plagued excessive risk. Two major reasons that risk is so inherent in penny stock investment are low liquidity and terrible standards of reporting.

As traders noticed recent with the sub-high lending marketplace, liquidity troubles can be a huge deal for traders. And unlike lending, low liquidity plagues the penny shares on an everyday basis. So traders use daily stock picks to gain profit.

Investing in penny stocks is one of the niche areas; even notably low exchange volumes may have an impressive effect on a stock’s share price. Penny shares may also exchange from time to time, because of this it is hard to sell penny stock shares when you own them. So it’s better to select penny stock using hot stock picks in order to avoid risk.

Bottom Line:

Regardless of all of the risks and disadvantages involved in penny shares, many traders prefer to invest in penny stock. There is a reason that penny stocks continue to be popular among investors: They gain high returns with penny stocks. Those traders who are still new but interested in trading penny stocks should follow the hot stock tips to gain profit and avoid risk.

How to Choose Best Stock For Intraday In SGX Market?

Intraday trading refers to SGX market positions that are held for a short time; commonly the trader opens and closes a position the same day. Usually, day buyers are knowledgeable and well funded. They make use of excessive quantities of leverage and short-time investing strategies to capitalize on small movements of price in highly liquid stocks or currencies. I Will Express here How to Choose Best Stock For Intraday In SGX Market?

No doubt that intraday trading is complicated, but if SGX investor uses technical analysis with the help of expert advisor then it will be easy for them to do intraday trading. You must be extremely careful in selecting stocks for trading. For selecting best stocks, you should:

Select Extremely Fluid Shares:

The stocks selected for intraday trading in SGX market should be stable over the years and are popular. They should show good trading movements in technical charts & due to unexpected volatility, they are not expected to move. Never pick those Singapore stocks which are newly listed as most of them are just influenced by the promoters. Make an effort not to tinker with the mid-top and minimal top shares, in which the traded volumes aren’t beneficent. You may turn out to be keeping shares that don’t have any buyers in the direction of the day’s end.

 Trade in 2-3 scripts at once for Best Stock For Intraday:

It’s realistic to upgrade your portfolio while you are putting assets in SGX shares, be that as it can, concerning day trading, restrict yourself to just 1-2 stocks by knowing there SGX STI index. Share enhancements are meant to be mulled over through any speculator and agree with that no person has the ability to trade greater than 2 or 3 shares promptly.

Study Watch Listing Together:

Drive out the status of the minimum 8-10 stocks to your intraday trading watch listing. You need to keep in mind all approaching corporate events moreover SGX stock index of the shares. There are various instances in SGX market, where you may energize within the fine no matter whether or not it’s far on larger or littler volume of shutting down, this is simply to get an evaluation of their resistance strength.

Don’t Avoid News:

You would possibly have heard of your Technical analysis training that rate discounts the whole thing; consequently, it’s far useless to check out news which could affect the share market trading movement, but cannot be carried out for Intraday buying and selling. Any large earning assertion or predominant offers can also immediately shows volumes and prices of shares in day market. News also provides the information about SGX share price today, so you need to take a look at for any primary information associated with stock before entering a trade.

Bottom Line:

There is more than one method to pick out the excellent shares for intraday trading in SGX market.  Consider trading as a journey, so don’t try to evaluate it in a day. Just make sure that your selection will provide you high volume stocks so that you can earn more profit from them.